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What Clients Say

'Nothing Short of Amazing'

“Paul Hilt is nothing short of amazing. He has a remarkable ability to promote self-discovery and elicit insights from a group.”

—Carol Barbour, President, Friends LifeCare

Strengths Workshop

‘Enhancing Your Ability To Lead: Understanding and Applying Your Top Strengths To Be a Better Leader’

This hands-on workshop provides participants with valuable insight into the unique strengths they bring to any work situation—especially in terms of leadership. Learn more

Innovation Workshop

‘Seeing What You Do Not Now See: How the Ability to Shift Perspective is the Cornerstone of Innovative Thinking’

Strategies to increase your mental flexibility—and the flexibility of those you interact with—make you a more valued collaborator and influencer. Learn more

Change Workshop

‘Navigating Change: An Understandable Approach To Engaging Others’

Based on research into how change actually happens, successful change tends to follow a repeated pattern. Learn more

Communication Workshop

‘Abstract to Concrete: Using Visual Strategies to Better Communicate Complex Messages’

Communication between someone with specialized knowledge and someone without that knowledge is often difficult and can result in confusion rather than clarity. Learn more

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