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StrengthsStrengths Workshop

“Enhancing Your Ability To Lead: Understanding and Applying Your Top Strengths To Be a Better Leader”

The late Peter Drucker keenly observed, “Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong. People know what they are not good at more often—and even there people are more often wrong than right. And yet, one can only perform with one’s strengths. One cannot build performance on weaknesses, let alone on something one cannot do at all.” It is extremely valuable for leaders to have deep knowledge of their top strengths. It is the very foundation of how they add value for their organization. However, as Drucker observes, this knowledge can be surprisingly elusive. This hands-on workshop provides participants with valuable insight into the unique strengths they bring to any work situation—especially in terms of leadership. Participants leave the workshop energized, optimistic, and confident about having learned practical knowledge about themselves which they can apply immediately.

What Participants Will Learn

Participants will learn

  • Understand and validate their top strengths
  • How to map their strengths so the synergy between top strengths is much more visible
  • Highly adaptable method to immediately apply their top strengths in any leadership situation
  • Eight strategies to help leaders deal with situations that appear to call for a strength they do not think they have
  • Numerous real-life examples of how leaders have applied their top strengths in practical ways
  • Ten actions leaders can take to apply this new strengths knowledge in their day-to-day work

What Clients Say

'Hits the Mark Every Time'

“Paul has conducted several Strengths Workshops for Leadership Centre County. Our audience is comprised of business professionals and leaders in the community. He hits the mark every time with each new group of folks and in fact, some participants have claimed that his workshop was responsible for them making significant changes in their lives. He is funny, smart, tells great stories, brings the point home with power and understanding and makes everyone feel as though he is talking directly to them. I recommend Paul highly.”

—Georgia Abbey, Executive Director, Leadership Centre County

'Rave Reviews'

“Paul does a wonderful job teaching others how to discover and understand their core strengths. His 4-hour training program, which he has delivered at ARAMARK more than 20 times, is an extremely useful, meaningful, and interactive session that has consistently received rave reviews from participants. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough as a trainer and as a coach.”

—Cheryl Kaplan, Sr. Director, Training & Organizational Development, ARAMARK


On Leveraging Strengths and Passions

“Our research revealed that extraordinary executives lead careers that leverage both their strengths and their passions more than six times as often as average employees.”

—Jim Citrin & Richard Smith, The Five Patterns of Extraordinary Careers

On Naming Our Weaknesses

“We are typically over-qualified in naming our weaknesses and much less savvy about those things at which we are naturally good.”

—Jacqueline Stavros & Cheri Torres, Dynamic Relationships