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“Seeing What You Do Not Now See: How the Ability to Shift Perspective is the Cornerstone of Innovative Thinking”

Because of all the pressures in the day-to-day world of work, we end up focusing on the next task, the upcoming deadline, or the unexpected obstacle that ruined our carefully constructed schedule. We know we must see the big picture and think outside the box. However, the demands from inside the box absorb much of our attention. Furthermore, as we increase our level of expertise in our industry or chosen field of knowledge, we often end up narrowing our vision. In order to achieve depth, we can sacrifice breadth. Unfortunately, this can greatly diminish our ability to innovate. In order to come up with the observations and insights that are the catalyst for creative ideas, it is vital to cast a wider net. It is clear from the history of innovation that diverse sources of input—often outside one’s industry or profession—spark the fresh thinking that leads to new ideas. If innovation is a strategic goal where you work, then you need what this workshop has to offer.

Everyone has a mental model of the world—the way things are. Unfortunately, because we are so busy these days, we can forget that our mental models are built not only on facts and experience, but also on assumptions—some of which may no longer be valid. There is a saying, “Don’t mistake the side of the rut for the horizon.” We can become prisoners of our no-longer-up-to-date mental models.

Learning to see what you do not now see opens up new ways to think about what is so very familiar to you. It helps you make the familiar unfamiliar. The gold-standard of innovative thinking is to be able to say, “I never thought of it that way before.” In a study of hundreds of innovations, the innovative idea frequently did not come first. Before the idea, there was an insight—seeing the common from a fresh point of view. Ideas get the spotlight, but insights are the secret ingredient of innovation.

What Participants Will Learn

Participants Will Learn

This workshop increases your impact by deepening your understanding of...

  • the innovative thinking process,
  • the five key competencies that actually produce innovation, and
  • practical strategies to immediately be more innovative in the workplace.

The following are just some of the key topics you will learn about and practice during hands-on workshop activities:

  • Seeing what you do not now see: Strategies to enable you to make the invisible visible.
  • Insights are more important than ideas: Learning the vital difference between an insight and an idea. Learning the considerable value of emphasizing insight generation over idea generation.
  • Discovery is more important than invention: The history of innovation clearly shows that learning what works outside your world can open the door to innovation within your world.
  • Being able to shift your perspective is the most important innovative thinking ability: Strategies to increase your mental flexibility—and the flexibility of those you interact with—make you a more valued collaborator and influencer.

You will receive an extensive resource guide containing information beyond what is covered in the workshop. This will support your implementation of the workshop learnings as you apply them in your work.

What Clients Say

'Help People Focus'

“Paul has the uncanny ability to tune into questions and problems, to help people focus and organize their thinking, and to create an atmosphere for brainstorming solutions.”

—Alan Swanson, Principal, Alan Swanson Associates

'High Energy'

"Paul is a high energy, innovative synthesizer!”

—Jackie Lesser, Chief Potential Officer, Creating Impact, LLC


“Paul is insightful and able to make connections that seem to be pulled from the ether but once presented make complete sense.”

—Elizabeth Lincoln, Global Director of Engagement, Drug Information Association

'Strong Gift'

“Paul has a strong gift for asking the right questions (in a non-threatening way) and provoking people to think.”

—Holly Jobe, Past President, Board of Directors, International Society for Technology in Education


On Difference

"I really look for people that have diverse backgrounds, diverse ways of thinking about things; what I try to do is just be exposed to some different styles of thinking."

—Pierre Omidyar, eBay founder

On Exploring Imagination

"We need ways to unstructure our imagination to explore the outer limits and dazzling variety of our concepts, so that we can go beyond the typical and concoct wonderfully unusual ideas."

—Michael Michalko, Creative Thinkering

On Looking Beyond

"Don’t let your organization, job, industry, or profession set the boundaries for your search for insights and ideas."

—Andy Boynton & Bill Fischer, The Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas and Make Them Happen