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ChangeChange Workshop

“Navigating Change: An Understandable Approach To Engaging Others”

Based on research into how change actually happens, successful change tends to follow a repeated pattern. Understanding this pattern is vital to knowing how to approach the challenge of change—whether it be organizational or personal change. This pattern rests upon the fundamental insight of appealing to both the rational mind as well as the emotional mind. Much of workplace change is overly dependent on a rational approach. The rational approach is vital however, a change effort can derail unless it is combined with deliberately engaging the emotions of those you most want to influence. It is upon this core insight that this workshop is built.

Participants experience a series of hands-on activities to both increase their understanding and knowledge of the change strategies that engage the rational mind, and also a similar set of strategies to motivate the emotional mind. In this way, the new knowledge introduced in the workshop “comes alive” in a manner that is personally relevant. Through the use of actual workplace challenges faced by workshop participants, they learn about how to use these change strategies in a practical and meaningful manner.

What Participants Will Learn

Participants Will Learn

  • Three essential elements important for leading any change effort
  • Multiple strategies for each of the three essential elements
  • Action planning steps to put this new knowledge into practice
  • Extensive list of resources to further one’s personal development as a leader of change

What Clients Say

'Cutting-edge Concepts'

“Even though his work combines a wide variety of sophisticated and often cutting-edge concepts, Paul makes sure that participants walk away with a plan of how they can put what they have learned into action right away.”

—Robert Hackman, VP Sales & Marketing, Homosote Company

'Brings the Point Home with Power'

“He is funny, smart, tells great stories, brings the point home with power and understanding and makes everyone feel as though he is talking directly to them. I recommend Paul highly.”

—Georgia Abbey, Executive Director, Leadership Centre County

'Cannot Recommend Paul Highly Enough'

“I cannot recommend Paul highly enough as a trainer and as a coach.”

—Cheryl Kaplan, Sr. Director, Training & Organizational Development, ARAMARK

'Smart, Energetic, Engaging'

“I highly recommend Paul as a trainer. He is a pleasure to work with, smart, energetic, engaging, and personable.”

—Denise Mancuso Lay, Director of HR, University of Pennsylvania


On Reinforcing Changed Behavior

“Emotionally charged ideas change behavior or reinforce changed behavior.”

—John Kotter & Dan Cohen, The Heart of Change

On Change vs. Routine

“The rational mind wants to change something at work; the emotional mind loves the comfort of the existing routine. This tension can doom a change effort—but if it is overcome, change can come quickly.”

—Chip Heath & Dan Heath, Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard