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Encouraging a practical understanding of new knowledge

The mission of Hilt & Associates is to engage leaders, managers, and other professionals in learning experiences that produce a practical understanding of new knowledge immediately relevant to their performance and success.

This new knowledge falls under four important and interrelated leadership themes: strengths, innovation, communication, and change. Workshops have been designed around each leadership theme.

Four Leadership Development Workshops

Our leadership development workshops help organizations:

  • Introduce new evidence-based knowledge
  • Trigger fresh thinking about key issues and emerging trends facing the organization
  • Provide practical approaches to support important strategic goals essential to the organization’s future
  • Demonstrate the on-going commitment by the organization to offer meaningful and relevant professional development
  • Establish a common language around a theme important to the organization’s future

Workshop Delivery Style

Engaging participants' minds and emotions

The workshops are delivered by a seasoned professional who can draw upon numerous real-world examples of those who have succeeded in using the workshop content. The delivery style is such that it engages both the minds and emotions of participants. Through a synthesis of the latest research and information (combined with stories, images, and humor), participants experience the new knowledge in a highly memorable manner.

Workshop Formats

Adaptable to different client circumstances

Each workshop can be adapted to different client circumstances.

  • Flexible Formats: The duration of each workshop can be adapted to fit different time frames (e.g., half-day, one-day, multi-day). In addition, various post-workshop options are available to extend the learning.
  • Flexible Content: Depending on client intent, different content modules can be combined to support specific client goals. Further modification can occur by framing workshop activities to emphasize relevant challenges facing the participants.

Workshop example uses

How other organizations have used these workshops

  • As part of an on-going leadership development program
  • As the professional development component in an annual meeting of a business unit
  • As part of the initial development of a new team
  • As the learning component to support a new strategic direction

What Clients Say

'Rave Reviews'

“Paul does a wonderful job teaching others how to discover and understand their core strengths. His 4-hour training program, which he has delivered at ARAMARK more than 20 times, is an extremely useful, meaningful, and interactive session that has consistently received rave reviews from participants. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough as a trainer and as a coach.”

—Cheryl Kaplan, Sr. Director, Training & Organizational Development, ARAMARK

'Enthusiasm, Expertise'

“The Visual Tools & Techniques session I did with Paul both affirmed that I was already using effective techniques and encouraged me to explore a vast array of resources to build my skills even further. I went in hoping to learn a few things and came out realizing how much value I can add by using images—in conjunction with words—to convey complex information. Paul’s enthusiasm, expertise, and ability to synthesize huge amounts of information into something not only coherent but also practical make him a natural teacher.”

—Elizabeth Lincoln, Worldwide Director of HR, Drug Information Association