How can these workshops benefit you and your organization?


What Clients Say

'Emotionally Present, Nuanced, and Insightful'

“Paul is able to provide coaching by phone in a way that is emotionally present, nuanced, and insightful. I would recommend him to anyone willing to look at themselves in a comprehensive way. We have continued to correspond as colleagues and I look forward to working with him whenever opportunities present themselves.”

—Kathryn Kaplan, Chief Learning Officer, Maimonides Medical Center


“Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your efforts on my behalf yesterday (yes, yes, I know you get paid to do that). It was really remarkable. I really like the person we are defining (yes, yes, I know that I’m already that person). I can’t tell you how elated I was this morning. Great job!”

—Michele Eichhorn, IT Consultant




Deep dive into your achievements, capabilities, passions, and relationships

The Wind-At-Your-Back Coaching Process consists of two basic parts. In part one, the focus is on who you are, what makes you tick, and what you aspire to achieve. This is not a superficial process, but a deep dive into your achievements, capabilities, passions, and relationships. Fundamentally, these are the assets that provide the foundation for positive forward movement. 

Based on 15 years experience coaching individuals through all sorts of career and business transitions, it has become clear that the real leverage in planning for the future often turned out to be what they were not presently conscious of. Each individual coaching client discovered valuable assets they were either under-valuing or under-leveraging. Making these invisible assets visible is at the heart of part one of the Wind-At-Your-Back Coaching Process. 

In part two, the focus shifts to identifying both traditional and non-traditional opportunities that lie ahead. Some of these opportunities will be ones you are not currently aware of. In essence, you expand your “opportunity horizon.” Next is the design of a way to evaluate each potential opportunity. This helps you determine the degree to which the most appealing opportunities align with both “you at your best” and what you most want to achieve. This is an essential decision-making tool since it increases your chances for success. Finally, practical strategies and action plans are created to turn your aspirations into reality.

wind-at-your-back coaching meets different needs

Coaching adapted to varied circumstances

  • Working Within an Organization: For internal leaders, managers, and other professionals
  • Owning Your Own Business: For independent business professionals
  • Looking For a Job: For individuals in career transition
  • Transition to Retirement: For individuals approaching or in the early stages of retirement

coaching outcomes

Reasonable to expect

The outcomes of the Wind-At-Your-Back Coaching Process can vary depending on specific goals, however the following can certainly be expected:

  • A deep understanding of how you add significant value to any situation
  • A clear method to communicate how you add significant value so others understand how they can maximize your contribution
  • Identification of various ways to strategically contribute so you benefit those you serve (e.g., colleagues, clients, stakeholders, customers)
  • Greater clarity in decision-making about your future direction
  • Greater self-confidence in the face of difficult situations
  • A wider array of opportunities than you were previously aware of

What Clients Say

'Achievable Next Steps'

“Paul Hilt was my personal coach and led me through his ‘Wind at Your Back’ program. Paul excels at listening to his clients and integrating the information he receives into achievable next steps for them. His coaching skills helped me identify my key strengths, define how I can add value to any organization or situation, and recognize whether an opportunity fit my strengths.”

—Neil Margolis, Director, Clinical Informatics, eviti, Inc.

'An Approach That's Truly Unique and Valuable'

“Paul has integrated research and thinking from a variety of perspectives into an approach that's truly unique and valuable. He helped me really think through and articulate what I love to do, what's practical for me to do, what I need to do to move closer to my goals. Through working with Paul I developed a screen that helps me identify, pursue and evaluate opportunities.”

—Kathryn Zukof, Sr. Director of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development, New York University

'Wonderful Listener'

“Paul is a wonderful listener, especially in hearing what is behind the words. He ‘connects the dots,’ thus helping clients see their strengths and gifts and how they can be leveraged to meet personal and professional goals. As I was looking ahead towards retirement and a transition to other activities, he helped me define and focus my strengths in a clear vision for myself. I was able to clearly and confidently articulate what I bring to any given work situation.”

—Holly Jobe, President, Board of Directors, International Society for Technology in Education

'Uncovered Strengths I Didn't Know I Had'

“With Paul’s help, I uncovered strengths I didn’t know I had—assets that not only align to what customers want, but also to my deepest passions, vision, sense of purpose, intelligences, and relationships. A world of knowledge so familiar, and yet so new, arrived on my doorstep, and with surprise and joy I’ve begun to incorporate it into all that I do. I couldn’t be more confident, focused, and anxious to take on the path before me.”

—Jen Hetzel Silbert, Principal, Innovation Partners International

'Contagious Enthusiasm'

“He has developed a unique and highly valuable service that helps his clients figure out their personal value proposition. I was one of Paul's early clients for this service, and found it to be truly revelationary. I have been impressed by Paul's contagious enthusiasm, impressive intellectualism, keen intuition, and good humor. He is truly a pleasure to work with, and I hope to have many, many opportunities to continue to do so in the coming years.”

—Jordan Corn, Solutions Architecture Manager, AAA Mid-Atlantic

why the name

'Antidote to Running Against the Wind'

Far too many people have experienced the frustration of working for long stretches where it seemed like they were running against the wind. An old Chinese proverb pointed the way to a new approach: “The quickest way to get where you are going is to get the wind at your back.” This Coaching Process enables individuals to understand and implement concrete ways to achieve their most desirable goals.

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